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If’ Havening Techniques® is the answer, what is the question ?

  1. How can the following symptoms be helped in a calm, relaxing manner? Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Low Confidence, Low Self-esteem, Exam nerves, Bereavement and more. 
  2. What modality is backed by neuroscience?
  3. What is a powerful technique to make fast effective change?
  4. What takes 3 or 4 sessions to overcome these symptoms?
  5. What psycho-sensory technique can help people make changes in their lives?
  6. What psycho-sensory technique actually raises the feel-good chemicals in your brain?
  7. What psycho-sensory technique allows the client to apply the touch to themselves?
  8. What is NOT considered a talk therapy?
  9. What modality can help me without me having to tell all the details?
  10. What modality gives me the tools to help myself?
  11. How can I build resilience to deal with future obstacles?
  12. What is a drug free modality?



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Fiona Harney is a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner. Havening Techniques is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York”